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One of the few South African Braai's in England

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The client done an excellent job of designing his boundary wall with cooking area "Braai"

Started on Tuesday 1st September 2020:

Day one, getting set-up and prepared

Day three; forecast was showers, so the Gazebo went up. Glamping why working!

When the rain did eventually come down, the heavens opened up! Not even my gazebo could stop the damage it done to my corner pier😩😩😩

Those with a attention to detail would of noticed, the pier is now on the rear of the wall.

But my own attention to detail has the bond with the closer returning, even on the blind side of the pier. 👌👌

English Garden Wall bond in white cement = looks "NICE"

Drawing a close to week one of this exciting project.

Week two:

Got the wall up this week.

Got the lower section of the Tile Creasing and Brick-on-Edge

Finished off the week, with starting the Braai and putting in the Hearth.

Hearth is Semi-Engineering Brick Basket Weave.

The 327mm front piers of the Braai are in English Bond, very rare to see a bricklayeyr to do a brick and half pier correctly bonded.

Obviously Wednesday was the most important day of this week! Old Frenchie Peugeot was laid off and our new lad the old Warrior "Miti's" started!!

Week Three

Almost 30 degrees one Monday; too hot for me, so spent the day doing a few odd jobs and loading out.

Had to get these 2 80Kg Stone lintels placed. Had to get extra scaffolding tubes and fittings from Broda (Peterborough). Made myself a wigwam which took the weight of my hoist and the beams no problem. Took about an hour to erect the scaffold and 5 minutes to make the two lifts. The electric hoist has a 600Kg capacity, so is a real winner!! For under £200.00 a great piece of kit.

Only had a couple of chances of doing full days this week, as working solo my afternoons where spent looking at jobs and sorting out business. Had a full day Saturday and a hard day's graft saw the chimney stack on the Braai topped off. We had a few design changes with the setting in of the chimney, which added a few extra courses. The original design of 6 courses setting-in was to severe. It also made corbelling in the inner flue near on impossible. So we went from 75mm to 50mm setting-in which gave a more softer look.

The client also went for a more traditional look of two oversailing courses, with setting back-in for the final courses. I added a sand and cement fillet to all the exposed edges.

Lucky I had the garden wall built, finishing off the stack was a task, my bandstands weren't quite high enough. The wall and sky hooks got me there, plus the fact I'm a world class Ballerina on my tippie-toes!!!

Week Four:

Just slipped over on Tuesday, to finish off the final details.

Just raised the rear piers to the gate and added tumbling-in feature.

I had promised them a Herringbone Hearth for the log fire.

It's all finished off, so after a good clear up.

The wagon and the trailer was fully loaded up👍

Client's Testimony:

"David did an excellent job, with good attention to detail. Worked hard and the price was fair. We are very happy with the finished result and would certainly recommend his services!"
simon45664 Mybuilder

I had contacted 'Let's Braai Magazine' in South Africa and forwarded a photo of my British Braai. Was very chuffed with their reply

"That's a great braai!"
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