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Not all Walls are Level

As a bricklayer, I often get asked to build of existing walls, that maybe to say the least "Wonky!!"

Although as trademan I would like too always build plumb, level walls, customers may see walls for other purposes.

This boundary wall for a friend is a prime example. The existing wall and piers where heading in all different levels, but his aim was for the wall too built up higher for privacy and a sound barrier.

This photo is obviously of the incomplete side of my friend's side as I was still a few courses shy, of completion (I will take a better photo, next time I am round there). However, you can see the extent of the wall being out of level. At this stage, I had only placed 3 courses on the right hand pier and filled in the middle panel between the existing piers. Although I might walked away with my head in my hands, asking myself what have I had just done! The customer, was more than pleased with the finish as his goal had been achieved.

Client's Testimony:

Mr Pope, arrived when he said he would kept us informed of the progress, showing us at different times. He was asked to do am extra job on another wall and was able to complete this within the original schedule. Clean and tidy removed and cleaned the work area back to original. We would highly recommend him and a neighbour has already taken him on.


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