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Long day in Melbourne

When I first saw the chimney breast, I had my doubts, whether it would work as feature wall.

The brickwork was a mishmash bond. The Common bricks looked a bit bland, as they still had smear old lime plaster on the face.

The client had painstakingly cleaned every brick, endlessly to remove the lime residue.

I had to replace some of the damaged bricks and remove the old wooden fixing wedges. Plus rake out the old sooty fireplace, which took forever and a day.

I used Hydrated Lime mix for the repointing, which gave the finished job the colouration the client wanted.

It ended up being a long shift (14 odd hours) for a Friday (I missed out on Poet's day!!).

However, I was treated to proper coffee, pizza, crisp aromatic duck pancake and sandwiches. Plus, they especially put Depeche Mode on Alexa for me!! To pay them for spoiling me I gave them my best Borat impersonations... "Hi, Five"

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