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A further Secret Garden

My client had an existing wall between his courtyard and rear garden. With the remains of two ringed semi-circular arch.

For a bit of added privacy he wanted the railings removed and the arch rebuilt along with the wall now marry-up height wise with the adjoining boundary wall.

The walling I built off, was not the straightest, nor the most upright. Thus it was all level work.

One of the jobs I least looked forward too was the carpentry aspect of building a "Turning Piece" to support my new Semi-Circular Arch. I was reassured when speaking to my father, who reminded me, I had made one some 35 years ago.

I was not too sure of the type of pointing used on the original section of the wall? It looked similar to being rubbed up with a cement bag.

I decided to strike my work and cut the perpendicular joints, which gave a great effect on the arch, to minimise the wedge shape of the joints.

I also promised the client a little feature work on the key brick.

Taking in to account the property's church connection, I felt a simple cross was a subtle feature.

Client's Testimony:

"Great and friendly guy, did a great job of the wall and arch, even adding his own touches.

Will use again."
drboltz MyBuilder
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