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A Favour for an Old Fellow

I was working on house locally, tidying up the external brickwork. Overall the bungalow was very good condition for its age, except this!! A bit of mishmash of repairs.

It was an awkward dimension to just brick-up.

So I suggested that I put-in a feature panel, which would take out the bits of closers.

After removing a large section of the front 4 1/2inches of the 9inch pier.

I put in panel with projecting headers round the edge.

With the cuts in the centre.

The bricks used were unfortunately LBC Tudor's (although we ordered LBC Heathers, the client in his rush to get the work done, accepted them😩😩😩).

As the finish the bricks were too strong a contrast colour wise. So after I raked out the work, and repointed with Weather Struck joint, I tinted the panel with coffee to tone, the colour of the brick and mortar down.

The photographs where taken at the time of the finish of the work. In passing the panel now, it has toned down nicely as the tint has dried out and the panel looks weathered-in.

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