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Brick Repairs

I am "very reluctant to cut and replace spalled bricks!"

In the Cambridgeshire area, the Sand & Cement used by many of the builders is far too strong for the bricks and causes fracturing and the bricks to snap, as opposed to the mortar bed being the weaker material and absorbing the movement.

I personally recommend the use of Brick Repair Materials from the Steadfast Building Product range, which can be coloured matched to the surrounding bricks.


Coming from the London area, I learnt to do Weather Struck Pointing at a young age. Neat and tidy jointing and pointing makes the difference of a standard finish to a good quality finish.

Lime pointing

Using Lime mortars are far more expensive in cost for the materials and for correct, preparation, mixing times and works protection.

However on older solid brickwork walling, it is an essential element in allow the walling to breathe. A lot of older properties have been ruined by ad hoc sand and cement repairs.

Lime Pointing in Cherry Hinton
Steadfast Pointing Mix
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